Friday, March 14

Week 9 Recap

We went over the t-shirt designs once again, and are looking at doing a honeycomb/floral print over the misprinted orange colored logo.

There is going to be a Food Committee to discuss the issues regarding cafeteria. Two members from Ecocouncil will be in attendance. More information as this develops.

The Bike Tune-Up is now Friday Week 11. 

A reminder now that we want to spread the word on Earth Hour, March 29 8pm to 9pm. We will be talking to Art Center faculty about making this an opportunity for the school support us.  On a related note, there will be Catch-Up day Week 13, April 6. The school will be open for students to catch up on all of their projects.

Friends of Los Angeles River is having their big clean up May 17. We are trying to organize one during the term as well. It is planned for Friday Week 12, from 9am to Noon. Heidrun's Sustainability class will be involved, and Ecocouncil is looking to supply snacks and water to all who attend! We plan cleaning up the Arroyo Seco, which the the little river that runs down under Holly Street.

John updated us on the Model Shop Organization/Recycling Bin. It's come a long way, and he now has some orthographics which he is working on with Arthur and Clark. Thanks for the hard work.

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