Sunday, March 2

Week 7 Recap

The American Apparel Tour has been cancelled. In its place a former employee who was in charge of many of the Green initiatives there will come and give us an informative and inspirational talk.

The Bike Tune-Up is now scheduled for Friday of week 10 [March 21], and will go from about Noon to 3pm. This will be followed by a fun group ride around Pasadena.

We are going to try and do a Weekend Clean-Up Event week 11, with the help of Claude Willey. We're looking at picking plastic bags out of the Los Angeles River, or something along that line. Once a date, time and place is finalized, we'll be inviting instructors and faculty to come with us. In particular, George Falardeau, Nate Young and Richard Koshalek. 

Some students are going to look into having the Student Store start carrying cardboard binders. There are some in the CMTEL room right now, they're amazingly sturdy, and definitely better than the vinyl plastic folders.

We are going to work on efficiency in the computer lab. To start off though, we need to know what that means. Is it turning off the computers? Turning off monitors? There is definitely some opportunity in putting the Lab Assistants to work in monitoring this, and finding a way to make students more conscious of this. We'll be looking into seeing what other colleges do, to try and get some ideas too.

We're trying to get another E-waste drive going, and seeing if this can coincide with the one that the Rose Bowl hosts. At the very least, there might be some boxes put into the CMTEL for this.

Out Network is having a food drive in the coming week [exact date posted shortly]. I urge everyone to contribute to this.

There was a good discussion about an Art Waste drive and the need to talk to students and instructors about the amount of paper used at the school.  Things covered are the fact that large sheets of newsprint often end up sitting around in student trunks only to be thrown away over recycled. We are trying to formulate a stance on this, so we can inform various instructors about our collective goal so that can try and adapt what they already do a more sustainable end. Other specifics mentioned was move towards projected presentations to save paper. This is a rough concept now, that we are trying to flesh out over time, and would appreciate any ideas.

Finally, two events Art Center might try to participate in [with some encouragement from Ecocouncil]:
Earth Hour [March 29] [individual post forthcoming]
Pangea Day [May 10] [individual post forthcoming]

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