Sunday, March 23

Week 10 Recap

The Bike Tune-Up was finalized and will be this coming Friday, March 28 from Noon - 3pm in the Sinclair Pavilion. Free help with your bike, snacks and water, followed by an informal ride down into Pasadena. Please bring your a helmet.

We discussed all the different possibilities for Earth Hour at Art Center this Saturday, March 29. Looking to have people on Hillside Campus at the Sinclair Pavilion by 7:30pm, so we can watch the lights of Art Center go out. After that, there will be a brief dialogue addressing why we're doing this, and what it all means. Followed by singing songs, telling stories and having fun in the dark! 

Jaman brought up an issue that the fields around the Sculpture Garden might be torn up with some kind of pavers put down, so that cars can park there without sinking in. The problem is, this is where the Hooligans play soccer. He'll be looking into asking the school for an alternative solution that doesn't result in the loss of space for activity to take place, there are so few options available to us on campus.

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