Friday, February 15

Week 5 Recap

This was a productive meeting with great attendance and participation by all [It was so productive I wanted to cry]. The Ecocouncil T-shirts are done! Too bad they were misprinted and the logo is in orange instead of the chosen green. We're going to make this work though, and are not going to throw away the shirts. We are already came up with a few options and are going to test them out.

There was a large group discussion on Greening the Cafeteria. We are now organizing to find out as much information as we can about where things stand. The main question is, what is the incremental cost difference? And how do we finance that [who pays]? Looking further at possible options, can we get a sponsor to green the cafeteria? What options have been looked at by Sodexho and Art Center? As we keep repeating, Greening the cafeteria is the best way to send a message to students and faculty alike that the school has listened to our requests.

The idea of a Sustainable Dialogue Series was discussed. We will look into asking Jeanie Mitsunaga about requesting more speakers in the Business Dialogue Series who have experience in this. On our part this means starting a list [with reasons] about who we might ask to come and speak. The Sustainable Dialogue Series issue spun off to also having movie screenings as well. Again, it will be upon us to start carving out this list. Some films already mentioned were The 11th Hour, The Future of Food, King Corn, and Battle in Seattle. These may be screened in the Ahmanson and/or out in the Sculpture Garden [Cinespia style]. On a lighter note, we might even have an Apocalyptic Series Marathon [think along the lines Soylent Green, Twelve Monkeys, Mad Max and dare I say, Waterworld]. And if all that isn't enough, there might even be free refreshments!

Issues that had briefer conversations include the Book List. The CMTEL will try and have as many of these available for interested students to come and browse/borrow. The Model Shop Recycling Bins have been designed, and should be implemented when Clark gets back, barring minor approval issues. Speaking of the shop, Clark is going to a green materials show, that we hope he will come and speak to Eco Council about post-show.

Upcoming Events:
February 22, 1pm, there will be a speaker coming in to talk to Ecocouncil.
February 22, 4pm - 8pm block party/street fair on Mission St. in South Pasadena.
March 7, tour to American Apparel in Downtown LA.

Planned, but still unscheduled events:
Bike Tune-Up (looking at 9-ish week)
Art Center Bike Ride (post Bike Tune-Up maybe)
Nature Conservancy Volunteer Weekend
Arroyo River Hike
Sustainable Movie Screenings

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heidrun mumper-drumm said...

I'd like to let you know about an upcoming event on Saturday, June 28 in Joshua Tree that you might be interested in attending:

Andrea Zittel's High Desert Test Sites and the Center for Land Use Interpretation [CLUI] are holding a screening of the a film by Bernd Behr called "House Without a Door."

Andrea Zittel is a very well know artist and the CLUI studies remote locations, especially abandoned military test sites.

They are looking into making available a site for 'low impact camping" so everyone can stay overnight.