Monday, February 11

Week 4 Recap

The meeting was small and intimate. We got a bearing on where various student projects are at. The main point of discussion were gathering a list of ideas to propose to Nate Young, post-Sustainability Summit. We also started brainstorming on a possible Green Standards Guideline for Art Center student groups.

Key Issues we want to bring to Nate Young:
Greening the Cafeteria - this is an issue that is right in front of our faces everyday. Moving towards a more sustainable cafeteria would be a tangible change for the better to students and faculty alike. 
Sustainable Education - we feel that if Art Center wants to continue to be a school that is leading in Design, there needs to be a deeper integration of sustainability into the curriculum. This ranges from the possibility of adding new courses to integrating the ideas and spirit of sustainability into existing classes. Some faculty are doing this already, and their efforts should be taken note.
Sustainable Dialogue Series - we feel this would be an extension of the business dialogue series and Eco Council's own efforts to bring speakers on campus. It is also an extension of the broadening of Sustainability Education on campus.
Recycling - there is a level of confusion as to what is happening post Waste-Stream Analysis. In addition to being updated with the latest information, we would really like to see recycling bins now. What would it take on the student's side to make this a reality? This might include a lecture to incoming students to make this engrained in everyone's mindset.
Transportation - we would like there to be more incentive to carpooling and using the Arts Bus, so it is seen as a more beneficial option to students.

Green Student Organization Standards [Resource Guide]
What are the student events? What do students buy? Even as students, when put to the spot, we realized we don't know enough about ourselves or each other. We will reflect upon the various supplies and items we buy over the coming weeks, to start to compile a list of sustainable alternatives for students to choose from. 
We also hope to make this list as part of a packet to present to incoming students.

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