Monday, February 25

Get unplugged!

One of my favorite tech writers, Alex Pham, had an article in the LA Times Business section, Sunday 2/24, titled "Shrink Your Energy Footprint" - an informative article that reveals how much energy is lost when you are not using your gadgets (phantom loads).  This helpful little chart comes from and tells you how many watts/hr. each of your electronic friends spends simply being plugged in.  Alex lists a bunch of really great resources for "taming your power beasts".  (SmartStrips. Solio, solar backpacks, etc.)
Consumer electronics left idle, or in stand-by mode, suck as much as 25% of their power when not in use.  Computers can draw up to 85% when left on.  "Phantom loads" add about $28 to the average annual household power bill. 
Check out her article - and for those green tech heads - read all of the articles by Alex Pham, she really does her homework on "green electronics".

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