Friday, January 25

Week 2 Recap

Sustainability Summit - just a reminder that it's coming up February 5-7. []

TRUNKsale - was postponed until Friday, February 1, noon - 2 in the Sculpture Garden. Think of it as a Yard Sale on campus. The main goal is to facilitate buying/selling/trading of Art Supplies between students, faculty and staff. It is not limited to just those items though, some people have sold stereos and clothes. Finally, there will be a donation table to send off art supplies to Design High, a program in the Pasadena area supporting art and design.  Email me to reserve a spot.

Tshirts - are being made!

Greening the Cafeteria - is a goal that would be very visible in conveying Art Center's commitment to sustainability. The first step of this would entail replacing all the disposable dinnerware and utensils with biodegradable replacements. This is a simple step that could be implemented  next week if funds were available. A group of EcoCouncil members are going to work on the various ways to tell the powers that be, this is what we want. Among these ideas are a possible petition to tell Nate Young that this is an important issue to the student body.
This is a good time to remind all students that we are the clients, and the faculty is working for us. When we get together as a group and demand change, we have an extraordinary amount of power. Use and exercise it [wisely].

Student Events Green Certification - Student Life is looking for a way to implement a green initiative that would reward student organizations [IE with more funds] that put on events in a more sustainable manner. To help them out, they are asking EcoCouncil to come up with a list of resources and standards for other organizations to turn to.

EcoCouncil Blog - You're reading it! Looking for people who would like to contribute with a weekly post on sustainable issues or updates with new resources for students to use. Maybe someone with a bit more graphic and/or programming experience than myself. A couple people are working on adding a Calendar and Goal features to this. Email if you are interested in contributing. 

Waste Management in the Shop - A group of students have re-instigated a project to help the organization of waste/recycling materials in the shop. If you have ideas or would like to help, please email to get in contact with them.

Finally, to keep an eye on the horizon, there might be a field trip to American Apparel in Downtown LA to see their facilities and talk with their organic line manager.  More info as it comes.  If you have any trips or speakers you'd be interested in, or have contact with, let me know.

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